The Wind Beneath the Wings
"Out of the songs I have written so far as a fresher to the field, my ‘Earth Song’ (originally I called it the ‘Moon Song’) still fascinates me. I saw a brilliant documentary recently in London, related to “Man’s arrival on Moon”. Some fantastic images of our planet’s gentle rise through the pitch-black depths of the fathomless space, like a blue sapphire, over the horizons of our moon’s barren deserts captured my imagination. ‘What a beauty, what glamour, what elegance’ I thought."
- Article Wrote by Nelum Mudalige for "Daily News" News Paper.
- Article Wrote by Manoli Subasingha for "Dinamina" News Paper.
Hitting out with Music
"Hers has often been recognized as an enlightened voice in the wildemess, and her journey as that of a lone crusader."
- Article Wrote by Dilrukshi Hadunnetti for "Sunday Times" News Paper.