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-Singing Lass who Emerged from the Dust-

Pradeepa Dharmadasa has an inimitable position among the top milieu in Sri Lanka’s music world. The unique blend of her beautiful voice and the training she has gained at India’s Bhathkande University of Music & Arts (from where she gained her Visharada status) have enabled Pradeepa to touch the hearts of millions of music lovers in Sri Lanka with ease. Sri Lanka’s most prominent music critics and music directors have consistently claimed that Pradeepa’s unwavering values of social justice and her solidarity with the oppressed sections in society have contributed to her meteoric success as a singer. In fact, a tyrannical government in the past intervened to ban some of her songs.

Pradeepa’s inborn potential as an artist of many talents first emerged during her schooldays when Somalatha Subasinghe discovered her potential as an actor. Abundance of praise from the press soon catapulted her to new heights when playwrights of the highest calibre took her on to play main roles in hit-plays such as Sinhabahu, Vikurthi, Moodu Putthu and Sathyanganawi to mention a few among many. Read more...

Pradeepa Dharmadasa


Latest Album



“I’m Your Dreams Just Like”

Released: 13/09/2017
Label: I am the Best, RED
Format: Digital Download, CD
Certifications: RIAA: Gold

  1. Warshawe Warshawe Pradeepa Dharmadasa and Kithsiri Jayasekara 2:45
  2. Neka Uyan Wathu Madin Pradeepa Dharmadasa 3:57
  3. Soya Diyaw Mata Saranak Pradeepa Dharmadasa 3:21
  4. Sandak Makunu Da Pradeepa Dharmadasa 3:13
  5. Sanda Giri Pawwa Kohedo Pradeepa Dharmadasa 4:05
  6. Ran Tharu Dewatin Pradeepa Dharmadasa 3:50
  7. Ran Abarana Gela Paladami Pradeepa Dharmadasa and Janaka Wickramasinghe 3:07
  8. Nalale Thilakaya Makana Innam Pradeepa Dharmadasa 3:33
  9. Men Ape Iskole Pradeepa Dharmadasa 3:56
  10. Mama Bala Innam Pradeepa Dharmadasa 4:05

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